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Are you tormented by small things?

Many may seem big and important to you, but most of them are really small things with few of them being very serious. If you find it difficult to separate them, it means that you forget to evaluate everything that happens to you having some criteria when you review them. Do not ignore the phenomenon of the "avalanche" in your thinking, which works by enticing negative thoughts that one leans on the other and their volume grows, getting out of control. If you pay a little more attention to yourself and such a condition, you will notice that it makes you feel irritated, you become moody and of course nullifying your faith in anything and above all in yourself. Has he tried to become a little more patient and especially with himself? If you try it you will realize that you accept reality more easily and you do not lose energy to insist that life be done exactly as you want at that moment. It is very important to approach your goal to be calm and with love for yourself. Without patience life is extremely stressful and you are easily disturbed and angry. While patience adds a dimension of comfort and acceptance of life, flexibility and a sense of strength at the same time, important for your inner peace. Life will never be fair because it never was. It is different to sympathize with something unpleasant that can happen to a fellow human being, than to waste all your energy complaining about the wrongs of life or the obstacles that are coming. They happen precisely because they also exist in a coexistence with the beautiful that happens and is the opportunity to test your abilities, surpassing yourself. You have to gain satisfaction, self-confidence and experiences.

Somehow you will start to love yourself every moment, every day in whatever you meet or are called to face. Somehow you will manage to learn to accept those around you, to love them in your own way and instead of waiting for others to offer you the love you want, it is time to start giving it to yourself first.

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