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If you've been struggling with self-doubt, maybe it's time to put a STOP on it.

Life itself is a long journey with only your body as a vehicle and your mind and heart as the cockpit. A life under the shadow of self-doubt keeps you away from experiencing life, it makes you constantly be with thoughts of analysis in your head, over-analyzing everything and therefore all this keeps you busy, but in an anchoring way. A constant question of whether or not you are capable of achieving something, how you are also wronged by everyone else, how much you are not understood and thus you are in a permanent defense, remaining a victim in the end.Your memories and experiences can often become a source of frustration and bitterness, charged with a sense of dissatisfaction for all that you do not achieve. Like you lose your sense of self, like you feel like you're in a flat and unchanging state, not enjoying or finding joy and therefore moving into a zone where you lose your sense of mastery, because everyone else you expect to help you, save you, guide you and confirm you, they don't.Somehow comes a daily compromise that lacks any introspection and reflection, receiving only pressures and it all becomes an increasingly complicated tangle, having lost its beginning and end.Should you first stop doubting that life is in your hands? You are certainly not responsible for the way you were raised, but you are certainly responsible for your attitude, the decisions and actions you take every moment, every day. You are also responsible for how you will manage to cope with some negative or stressful situations, as well as for understanding your feelings, thoughts and behavior in each situation you experience.It's certainly not an easy realization, and there are many benefits to not having that realization, if we're being completely honest, as realization comes with a great responsibility. Nevertheless, psychotherapy is the place and the process where this tangle can start to unravel little by little, you start to make more and more sense during the sessions and feel that life is really in your hands.In psychotherapy, the person will be able to➡to know himself better➡to control his emotional reactions➡reject dysfunctional ways of thinking and behaviors➡to learn to be more authentic and dynamic with his limits, as a result of which he stops constantly self-doubting.In closing,

I would like to summarize that self-doubt is the lack of trust in yourself above all and your insecurity in what you do or have inside you as an entity, thoughts, knowledge, feelings. By learning to be authentic and genuinely yourself, you set your limits, your principles and you are accepted by those who finally speak the same "language" and you are not a distorted shadow of your fantasies, your fears, overshadowed by your very shadow.

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