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Few words about me..

Having for its fundamental principles, the love for man, the values of respect & support, I promote positive energy, empathy & mental strength so that I can make my life more beautiful. I see & believe in the power we have to evolve by changing & I share it with my support, understanding, empathy, counseling & the art of psychotherapy as a professional, with anyone who wants to try it & experience it as a very rich & unique life experience ..

Studies & Experience

I studied Psychology at the Central University of Sofia, "Clement of Ohrid" specializing in Child & Adolescent Psychology

* I worked in programs of the Municipality of Volos for the social inclusion of Socially Excluded Areas 

* I worked as an external collaborator at KETHEA, in the evaluation research of the Therapeutic Communities of KETHEA & I worked as a Therapeutic Staff with teenagers, adult users & their families from 2002 to 2015

* I completed a postgraduate course on Addiction in collaboration with the University of San Diego (UC San Diego).  

* I have been trained in Systemic Therapy from 2003 to 2010, while doing my personal development as a patient at Individual & Group level

* I have been educated on the Genealogy and what we bring as a "legacy" from our previous generations

* I completed her five-year training in Group Analysis as a Consultant for Organizations & Companies in 2013, at Hope in G.A in Athens

* I was an external collaborator as a Psychologist-Psychotherapist, at the Institute of Psychosocial Development (I.D.A.) based in Larissa I lived & worked as a professional Psychologist-Psychotherapist in my hometown, Volos

 I maintain my own space as a Psychologist-Psychotherapist since 2015, providing counseling services, internal endoscopy and psychoanalysis sessions with a more detailed approach, both on a personal and group level.

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