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Individual Counseling.
Psychological support to 
* Adolescents *Adults 
* Parents with child issues & Couples.
 Group Therapy
Psychotherapy team, on a systematic repetitive basis, with certain  and fixed participants. Analytical endoscopy approach. Secure, supportive advisory framework with confidentiality.
Psychological Support, Counseling and Psychotherapy
* Psychotherapy, for a more detailed perception and understanding of the Self
* Couple Support - Conflict Resolution
* Child and Adolescent
* Family
* Phobias
* Personality disorders
* Mood disorders  -Depression-
* Panic attacks Anxiety
Family Sessions Couple Sessions
Meetings with family members to resolve issues. Couple sessions for resolving conflicts and focusing on the relationship itself.
Video conferencing sessions
Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy sessions through teleconferencing at a pre-arranged appointment.
Speches  Experiential Workshops & Web Seminar
Information on topics, elaboration of subjects through experiential experience, management of moving emotions, with the help and support of the group and its coordinator.
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