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If you accept the uncertainty, you can do it for you ..

Reading a report by the American Psychological Society, when everything around is changing and at a rapid pace, the familiar so far is overturned and ceases to be valid, people feel anxious and overwhelmed by its uncertainty and challenges. Knowledge may be power, but overexposure to it leads to overload and chaos. A balanced use of social media is essential to feel part of the flow of your time and a member of some groups. Understanding the complex reality with constant changes also leaves you with a sense of awareness, which also improves your mental health. * Framing the unknown, with a dose of discovery of its mystery, helps you to be flexible and active in solving what you encounter, for yourself and the world around you, as long as you embrace that you are a citizen of the world and not only of your small neighborhood. * Living a little longer in the moment can help you deal with the feelings of weakness and helplessness that come from realizing that you know so little. This has always been true, just when you decide what to focus on, it then determines what you see, which determines how you feel and which determines what you do. You need clarity and shifting your position from weakness to the power of your authentic action. * Use your curiosity to promote learning and flexibility in decision making and accept how many limitations your mind has. You can replace certainty with curiosity, embrace exploring and discovering yourself first, the other and the world you live in, with a sense of awe, admiration and gratitude, as young children do. This feeling of admiration is our gift when we make use of curiosity and openness and the help of a good therapist can be so beneficial in revealing all of this. * By positively framing the mistakes and the challenges, you create learning opportunities that if the course was smooth, you would not have. From another point of view, then, there is a possible positive side to all the challenges, if you choose to find the opportunity inherent in them.

Man by nature makes mistakes and acts with prejudices that he will automatically obey. Thinking of failures as learning opportunities improves our well-being and success in the long run, leading us to evolve and discover ourselves and the world we live in!

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