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The "wounded child" inside you, who puts obstacles in your way every day..

Every day that begins, if it could be bright, carefree with everything coming flowing smoothly and without the pressure of time, it would be the perfect day. Something like this does not exist every day, because first of all it would not make a difference from the rest, but mainly because there is no such thing as perfect.

There are very nice days, even in your everyday life, if you don't sabotage them and fill them with obstacles yourself, like..

Seeking acceptance from people who can't even accept themselves in the first place.

Like it's a choice not to engage in malicious gossip and ill-intentioned comments about people, protecting yourself and therefore staying at a "distance".

By listening to your own needs and living the way you want your days, then you create the life you imagine.

Try not to make the choices that society would expect of you and make the ones that make you happy for yourself and your close significant others.

Could you really have in mind when you give something to do it without expecting anything in return? It's a main way, when you don't expect something, you don't automatically leave yourself with the taste of disappointment.

What is it that makes you wait for someone else to come and save you? Your life is your responsibility alone. If you love yourself unconditionally, you will be able to accept your mistakes, your repetitive behavioral patterns, trying to learn something from each one.

These are some of the many things you unconsciously do, that you repeat daily, staying close to people who represent your childhood trauma.

If you can't get stronger, you can definitely heal, next to a mental health specialist you can trust and who will be close to you on this road of self-discovery and self-realization.

Start with a simple step, today.

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