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Assertiveness skills..

.There are really many who feel uncomfortable when they are asked to express their real feelings, to say their point of view, to claim, to compete.To the extent that even when their rights are violated, they prefer to remain silent, uninvolved, inactive.They protect their ego in a peculiar way, which prevents conflict, but internalizes energy, which will one day explode as neurosis, anxiety, depression.Such a person often tolerates attitudes, criticism and has many thoughts and questions mainly directed at himself, in an unhelpful way.For example, you may wonder why you should express your disagreement, why you should be held accountable for changing your mind.So I will rephrase some questions and say..-Why does the opinion of others matter so much to you?-Why do significant others confuse your love with victimization?- Why does your behavior have to be perfect, socially acceptable, flawless?- Why should logical interpretations be more important than a simple, unexplained feeling?- Do you realize that your audacity to express yourself leads to misinterpretations and inappropriate conclusions about you and your intentions?I can tell you that there are ways of expression and management to overcome the criticism, disparagement and control you receive.You can admit to the other that it is difficult for you to express yourself and you will find that even the apparently strong have experienced similar situations.You cannot always be responsible for meeting the needs of others.Manage your nervousness, explain the parallel feelings and move on to the issue at hand.Don't look for rational excuses, especially if they are false, because people sense that and get irritated.Your past behavior does not guarantee that you will always behave in the same way and of course everyone can change their opinions when the circumstances and conditions of a relationship or situation change.Learn to accept and give compliments.Humility is a virtue when it comes from within and not when it covers cowardice.Avoidance gives others a choice and misleads them, because they take silence as agreement.Describing your realistic achievements highlights your personality and yes can be admired.Learn to communicate your opinions in a non-threatening way, and ultimately people respect someone who sets clear boundaries and is fair more than someone who backs down or feels guilty.

It's about communication, not war!

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