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Dealing with the critical other.An ugly and critical attitude from those around is never a pleasan

An ugly and critical attitude from those around is never a pleasant condition for anyone. Of course, someone can criticize you unfairly and reflecting on what they say can be useful for you in the end, as you redefine yourself through introspection. The key to the criticism you receive is not to let it reduce your self-confidence. Even if some of what the other person says may have some truth, the way of criticism is not nice and almost negatively effective.

Through the lens of self-evaluation, it is important to examine your weaknesses, imperfections, and knowing them, you will manage to be less sensitive and fragile when someone else points something out to you. When you feel a criticism is unpleasant, you have no choice but to communicate it, clarifying your position and supporting your need for a less critical behavior from the other person. Any criticism can trigger anger because it causes feelings of inadequacy and because it can touch something deeper that only through personal healing can you uncover. Be that as it may, you are allowed to be angry.

Some steps will help you better manage when you have someone who criticizes you. Try to stay calm and focused when harsh words come, take a minute to breathe and ground yourself, get in touch with your rational side and maintain an inner calm. Then he responded, not with a reaction, setting boundaries and without anger. Try to recap what your critic said, making sure you have understood him clearly. It would help if your goal is to focus on the words rather than the feelings they evoke. Not being overly emotional can surprise your critics, allowing them to think more deeply about their words, and ultimately if this happens, it can be done a more honest and corrective discussion. An aggressive person may hope to anger you and provoke a reaction from you, as they often use criticism to empower themselves.  

The management of yourself and your responses, without anger, but with self-support and with the demarcation of the other, are main elements that will highlight the value of yourself and even if the other is unable to see it, you will be the first to see it. you have shown

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