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Defenses .. -Rationalization & Intellectualization

"I think, therefore I exist," said Descartes, implying that my sense of self is created, in part, by the words that flow through my mind.Thinking is like a constructive process, having at the same time its other side, being annoying or even torturous. To become obsessed, like a thought about something, even losing your sleep at times.Thinking is often a kind of internal dialogue without always being constructive or helpful. This is because the thought can become an inner lie, which fatally leads away from the ugly truth or covers the painful reality. It unconsciously takes the form of a defense mechanism. Rationalization uses logic, if we take the composition of the word itself, a logic that can essentially deceive the very self of the individual. A lie that is made up and intended internally to justify a feeling, a motive or an action. You are rationalizing something that you find it difficult to take responsibility for, to admit.On the other hand we have mentalization, which as a defense mechanism offers a distance from the range of disturbing emotions associated with an event or condition. People who mentalize their experiences devote their attention to the thoughts that pass through their minds in such degree, that they have no time for what is happening in their bodies. What you feel physically helps you understand your emotions as well. But if you are only occupied with your thoughts, you may not understand these signals that your body is sending and therefore become aware of your emotion.In other words, mentalizing is a total and continuous effort to turn your attention away from the signals sent by the body, those directly connected to emotions, to the area of the mind.Your body always knows and "speaks". If you observe it, it will lead you and you will have it in your company, as long as you listen to it and express its needs, which are yours, with words and with emotion above all.

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