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Do you know the difference between IQ & EQ?

As the years pass and man evolves, many of his characteristics change, as he tries to adapt to the circumstances in order to survive. The social way of life constantly tests the individual's decision to live among groups, to work in the company of other people, to be tested in relationships of all kinds, therefore in conditions that require him to have social skills and abilities. That's how we got to talking about the EQ (emotional quotient), the psycho-emotional intelligence of a person which has its own great importance and without being only someone's high IQ, which counts and makes the difference.

People with a high EQ are usually personalities that you distinguish and their presence leaves you with a different feeling.

You will easily notice in a conversation that such people will not attack or avoid something that is difficult for them to deal with or manage. When someone has a high EQ, they usually also have a different approach where they can discuss with ease, with a quality of speech and etc. without having to "get into" defenses.

They are usually more honest, they use this condition with simplicity and you can easily tell that they are not pretending or pretending. Of course this all starts because they are more authentic and honest with themselves first and then show the same to those around them. Having a better sense of their days and moments, of themselves as a whole, they are closer to their emotions, thus they can and have better control of their lives, feeling and maintaining a balance within themselves.

By better understanding and accepting their own wants, they show an empathy in understanding the wants of others. Somehow, the condition of acceptance, understanding and appreciation, on the whole creates better relationships and a more harmonious coexistence with those around.

You can always develop something that you think you are not satisfied by adding a few self-improvement books or articles to your daily life, attend seminars, adopt habits and ways from people you admire and if you still want something more, give yourself a gift a series of sessions with a psychologist who will safely and with his knowledge stand by your side as you search and discover yourself.

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