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''Fight or Flight'' or else will you fight or will you run away?

If you look in the dictionary for the definition of the word fear, it says "unpleasant feeling caused by the realization or imagination of an imminent danger". So what causes fear is an external stimulus normally such as fire, an insect, an animal, a weather phenomenon. But man can also fear situations such as a failure, a date, a job interview, abandonment, loneliness, death and even an unanswered message. And all this because the person tends to make translations and associations within himself according to how he sees the conditions from his own position.

The translation of a phobic stimulus means that there is an attempt to make sense of and understand the fear, which is actually related to experiences, traumas and personal receptive representations. We could say that every time you feel this emotion, it's like it's mobilizing a pre-existing trauma that you just didn't notice and maybe didn't realize how much it was affecting you. And there comes a time when fear grows stronger and is sustained by scenarios and stories that you create arbitrarily.

 Fear can paralyze you, trap you in it and soon you will reproduce a questioning of your power, your self-image, only hurting your self-confidence. Somehow, without realizing it, you become your own worst enemy, with your thoughts and avoidances. If you are wondering how to take the first step to get out of all this, the answer is exactly this.. don't be afraid to face your fear!

And if you are in the dilemma of "Fight or Flight" the answer is ultimately one way if you want to prevail...choose wisely. -Between fight or flight, choose wisdom.-

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