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Have you ever wondered what emotional burden you carry?

Today we will talk about the emotions that although we have all been born with them from the first moment of our lives, there are many who find it difficult to recognize and show them. The basic emotions are love, joy, fear, anger and sadness. The difficult or uncomfortable situations that one may encounter and that are mainly incapable of dealing with, sometimes fill him with guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, anxiety and an incessant feeling of anxiety. Everything I just described affects the whole body and is usually trapped in it, precisely because it is not processed and communicated in some way. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Try to stop suppressing your emotions, not fighting them. Think about how many times you eat without being hungry because you want to somehow "swallow" your emotions. You have the most beautiful organ, your body, that speaks to you through your emotions and you have not learned to use it. Try to stay a little focused on yourself and what it has to say. Do you feel something like anger? Probably telling you that you need to express your feelings or set boundaries for someone. Is it fear? It may tell you that it would be good to trust yourself, to feel your worth, to recognize it and to show it.

Be that as it may, if you are constantly with negative thoughts and feelings, your burden is heavy and unpleasant, you do not fit into it, nor do you yourself want to be in this condition. Try talking to a specialist, put exercise into your life of any kind and learn to listen and talk ... because first of all you are the most important of all.

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