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How often do you really take care of yourself?

Whether you are a parent, or alone without having built your own family, in the sense of children and a partner, I would like to ask you if or how much you take care of yourself on a daily basis.

When you have children you will be interested in them, if they are hungry, if they have a cold, if they like what they are doing or if they want something else.

But how many times do you stand next to you, wanting to take care of you the same or even more?

How many times during the day will you reward yourself, telling yourself "I'm proud of myself" or "you don't need to be perfect". If you are afraid to be able to tell you and if you do not feel safe to remove you from where you are.

How many times do you allow yourself to go outside the program, to let things go a little and take small risks, in the name of development and experience?

You give yourself small moments of care, such as a pleasant stress-free shower, with candles in the company or even music. To cook you something healthy and give you an activity that will unblock you, relax you and fill you with joy and a sense of enjoyment?

If you feel that you haven't learned it, you are right and let me tell you that the way you relate to yourself always reflects the relationship you received and learned from your parents. If you didn't get enough care, learn to give it yourself. If they weren't supportive, they didn't give you "positive" feedback, better educate yourself on that.

How? Try some of the above and contact a specialist psychologist to learn more.

Learn to take care of the wounded child inside you and heal the wounds you carry, because a strengthened adult learns to be creative and productive mainly for himself.

And don't forget that...we can act like children in the desires we have, but at the same time we have to act like adults with our obligations!

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