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Is your relationship interdependent or codependent?

All relationships have their own characteristics and the people involved leave their own stamp on the relationship itself.A relationship from interdependent can turn into codependent when the person tends to rely heavily on the other, both for their sense of self and psychological well-being.The ability to recognize the boundaries of where one's partner begins and ends is usually not there.At the same time, there may be a strong sense of responsibility to meet all of the other's needs, without necessarily meeting one's own.You thus create a falsification of the person's reality and this because while he feels okay as a person, he is essentially meeting the needs of the other, despite the unpleasant effects, but without ultimately meeting his own.

To give some characteristics of a co-dependent relationship, it is worth highlighting the general incompetence of boundaries, behaviors with manipulative elements, reactivity many times without real reasons, low self-esteem of one or both partners and all this results in ineffective communication as well as non-existenceany communication.A relationship that ultimately alienates its involved members, the only energy expended is to assign accusations from one to the other and thus somewhat drain.There is usually a lack of personal interests or goals outside of the relationship and it is actually a soul draining relationship.The codependent person has lost their basic sense of self and their thinking and behavior mainly revolves around someone or something external.Co-dependent relationships are not healthy for either member, they do not allow the partner to grow, to be autonomous and ultimately to be themselves.Feelings of guilt and shame in one or both partners when the relationship is not going well is another characteristic and here it should be noted that although this type of relationship is not considered healthy, it is a fairly common phenomenon.

You can really make a difference and create a relationship that will have interdependence, will include a balance of self and others within it, together with the "significant other" you will work for the good of the relationship, covering each otherthe emotional and physical needs of the other, in appropriate and meaningful ways.

They do not demand from each other and do not seek their human worth from their partner.With healthy boundaries, time for personal interests, with interaction and responsiveness to each other that creates a sense of safety, maintaining clear communication that without fear everyone takes personal responsibility for their behaviors, along with each person's healthy self-esteem, allthese contribute to an evolving and functionally distinct relationship.

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