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Make the small moments of happiness in your day ..

The word happiness can mean so many different things for everyone but at the same time for everyone the feeling of bliss that is ultimately hidden behind simple and small. It is somewhere in the smiles of friends, in the arms of your loved ones and your family. In moments when you feel the love in the eyes of your pets, in your happy love affairs, even in the goals you achieve or in the quality of life you live. As the years go by, you may be disappointed that others were waiting for you and others came to you and you often wonder if you can finally do something to get closer to happiness. One thing is for sure, you can just try to put gratitude into your life. Its effect on the levels of happiness that people experience is very important, leaving a sense of satisfaction and joy, while reducing stress levels. According to positive psychology, it is very encouraging that practicing gratitude and expressing it can increase your levels of good mental health and make you feel good about yourself. An initial exercise is to dedicate the first few minutes of the day or the last minutes before going to bed and reflect on the beautiful things that have happened in your day or are happening in your life, trying not to take them for granted. You can thank yourself for what you offered during the day or what some of your own people offered you, even those who questioned you, did not believe you or did not understand you. You have something to learn from this too. Also know that gratitude, generates gratitude and attracts it, acts as a magnet. The more you express it in every way, the more you will feel it and the pleasant emotions will increase.

The only and most powerful force you have, is that of your thinking that if you use it to remind you how much you achieve and how much you avoid, you may feel more moments of happiness in your days.

... "it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratitude that makes us happy"

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