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Mental toughness equals realism

When we use the term mental resilience, we mean the flexibility and adaptability of the human being.It could be like the kind of strength that people possess so that after a personal hardship they can recover quickly and without lasting ill effects.Everyone's life is full of difficult and unpleasant events, whether we will experience them personally, or a loved one and we will be called to face the consequences with them.Painful events such as death, illness, dismissal, separation are points in the person's journey not always predictable, expected and not permanently unpleasant, unless we choose it.Mental resilience provides you with an adaptability and allows you to recover quickly after an unpleasant event, without collapsing.No matter how careful you are, some things are out of your control and being realistic makes you more flexible.

As a person with mental resilience, you observe the world wisely and logically, you don't waste your precious energy chasing dead ends, but you focus and invest your energies in goals that are really within your power to achieve.Having self-awareness and knowing your strengths, you also know where to draw strength from when you need it, and you can largely control your weak points, which often trip you up.Positive thinking is the best basis for mental resilience and it does not mean that you make things beautiful, just with a positive sign, with a positive attitude, move forward and keep trying.

Therefore, you recognize reality, focus on solutions, without dwelling on the problems or feeding your negative emotions, putting you in a vicious cycle of negativity.Mental resilience means I recover, I fall and get up again, I fail, but I pick up my pieces, my strength and continue with realism, optimism and...flow.

'' Don't be afraid to go slowBe afraid only when stillyou stand''

Chinese wisdom

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