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Psychotherapy helps 7 out of 8 people who try it.

Let's first start by giving a simple description of what psychotherapy is to understand and how it works.It literally helps you identify and surface what has wounded your soul.Therefore, it is an attempt to repair some mental damage that has occurred through personal experience and at the same time it is a correction of a non-beneficial attitude towards situations and persons in the person's life.Psychotherapy is a deep experiential process and its quality, its course, depends significantly on the professional one chooses.The basic characteristics of a worthy professional are first of all to be well trained and to have done his own introspection through his personal psychotherapy.Feel that you have the communication you need with him and he helps you and gives you the feeling of security and trust to touch your personal parts.Here I have to emphasize that even if a person finds the right psychotherapist for him, if he himself resists, if he prevents his treatment and you refuse to change his way of life and attitude, psychotherapy will not help, because it simply will not last, except for a short time.There are typically some types of people who resist going to a psychologist and they are usually the ones who are afraid to make a change in their life even though it is the only path to self-esteem and self-realization and there are those who are so angry witheveryone else around them, who insist on changing everyone but themselves.Objectively, however, 7 out of 8 people who do psychotherapy for more than 6 months, state that they feel that it improves their lives.

Psychotherapy definitely needs bravery and only your will gives it, so all you have to do is ask yourself.."Can you stand to live your life better?"

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