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Relationships. 30' with your partner is enough for a meaningful relationship.

In every love relationship, the couple experiences some moments that seem unique and special, feeling closer than ever. These moments lay the foundation upon which the communication, trust and intimacy that the couple will develop, and are also very important in maintaining the passion and attraction they feel for each other.According to psychologist John M. Gottman, who has extensively researched couples, he argues that 5 quality hours per week is the minimum amount of time needed to keep a relationship alive. Hours that will be exclusively dedicated to the couple, such as sitting on the sofa and talking so as to relieve themselves from the intense everyday life.First, it helps create a deeper bond and improve the couple's communication, offering time to enjoy the relationship in a more conscious way. It is important at these times to have the intention and willingness to share one's thoughts, feelings and dreams with one's partner. Rituals like having a screen-free lunch or dinner together, going on holiday alone once a year, trying to exercise together and of course sharing a kiss every day, which is a proven mood lifter and stress reliever .And here I must not forget that as important as it is for couples to spend time together, it is just as important that they spend time away from each other and engage in separate activities. This allows, first of all, each person to renew himself, to strengthen his own personality, which in turn this renewal is transferred to the relationship itself.

The balance between enhancing individuality and strengthening the relationship, is what leads to a more satisfying and happy relationship where its success requires care and attention to oneself and to the other.

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