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Relationships need care and development.

Human relationships are so rich and at the same time difficult, one that needs constant interaction, feedback, equal sharing with respect and understanding, if we want them to be functional and leave a sense of fulfillment for those involved.

It would be disastrous if you consider your personal sense of joy and happiness to be someone else's responsibility to provide and create for you.

If we want to focus our attention on romantic relationships - even though most of the following is about relationships of all kinds - it is equally problematic when you expect someone else to satisfy your needs, under the belief that they "should understand what you want and what you have in mind.''

Did you really share your thoughts openly and honestly with him?

A relationship can never be the way it started, with the same passion or "craziness" you remember. The relationship is meant to mutate, evolve and take on different shades, depending on the phase of the people who make it up.

Don't expect your partner to change structural elements of herself, because these are precisely the core of herself.

Do not demand that you are always right and that your partner agrees with you unequivocally. He has and it is good to strengthen his own "voice" even if it is not always compatible with yours.

To seek diversity, because it can complement you, to be happy and enjoy the common things you share and to pursue your personal development, because this will contribute to the development of the relationship itself..

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