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The 4 existential issues of every human being..

Through the prism of existential psychology, which has been represented by the well-known Irvin Yalom, you examine the individual through the prism of evolution and change. It is argued according to this approach, that people are faced with many dilemmas every day, but as their main core they have death, freedom, isolation as well as the lack of meaning in life. Four existential dilemmas are universal and essentially through them individuals act and develop. Knowing from a young age that one day he will die, feelings such as fear and anxiety can turn into various phobias such as the fear of airplanes or heights. However, the concept of death can motivate a person to live his life to the fullest and enjoy it, since life and time have a limit and his energy deserves to be given to things that have something to offer him. The concept of freedom for Yalom is connected to the concepts of responsibility as well as will. For the individual to have choices regarding his actions and to be able to shape his own life, is a freedom that can at the same time act negatively for some other individuals, causing worries and fears beyond dilemmas. Fear of responsibility can make a person avoidant, resorting to dependent relationships or even behaviors, relying on substitutes and people. Isolation as a concern belongs to the subconscious level. Usually this concern arises when the person has now accepted the concept of death as well as the concept of freedom. According to Yalom, there are 3 types of isolation. Interpersonal isolation which is the isolation of the individual from other people and is associated with loneliness. It is isolation from the self, which occurs when the individual is alienated from parts of the self and personality.  Finally is existential isolation in which a gap is created between the individual and any living organism. Existential isolation can be mistakenly experienced when the individual tries to become one with groups or ideas. Isolation from oneself can be experienced when one becomes the martyr or savior of all others, leaving aside one's own self. While some other people choose to become very independent so that they never feel rejected, thus not experiencing the concept of interpersonal isolation. Finally, the fourth concern of man according to Yalom, is that his life has no meaning. Individuals are creatures who seek meaning in a world without universal meaning and thus seek it in concepts such as religions, groups, nations. Through all this man tries to find a purpose to serve in order to feel important but also safe, resorting to 3 basic areas, hedonism, altruism and creativity.

The person always basically tries to find the meaning in his life and for this reason he sets various goals and chases them, he looks for pleasure and joy and when he manages to jump over the obstacles, he becomes resistant to frustrations and learns to be able to overcome the each phase, when it closes its cycle.

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