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The steps you need to reach your "adulthood"..

Everyone's personal development is a time-consuming and sometimes painful process, if we want to be honest. Many times you need to be deprived, to go through a series of painful experiences and steps, in order to acquire and appreciate in the end what you will conquer.

Through the path towards your psycho-emotional adulthood, you will need to learn to distance yourself from any person who weighs on your soul. It usually takes a while for you to realize that you ultimately have no reason to keep in touch with people who do not benefit you, do not help you develop, they fill you with negativity and due to the limited perception they often have of things or situations, mainly they trap you.

Unexpectedly, there comes a moment when you feel that the cord is tightening and nothing is going as you would ideally like. You may be at the moment where you are thinking about who you are, if you are in the right place and where you would like to go. Somehow, usually the solution in such a situation is to take the risk and try something new, like moving, even to a city or country, unknown to you until now. It's worth it and in the future you understand how much you gain from trying to get out of your comfort zone and if you still don't like where you are, you can leave again at any time and moment.

A very useful resource is to be able to accept situations when they cannot be changed. To recognize the facts of each moment and to be able to accept that everything you want and the way you want it, may never happen.

How familiar are you with the reality that says that as an adult, you are responsible for your actions and each of them has the corresponding consequences?!

If you're afraid of getting hurt, then you'll never learn to build relationships. You'll never learn to take risks in life, strong moments where whatever is "up" will have as many "downs". You need to teach yourself that separation is not always a choice of yours, as well as that by force nothing lasted and did not withstand time, no friendship, no relationship, no human contact.

To learn to let people go and to be able to realize that priorities change at an unsuspected time and place. Where you are today and you like it, tomorrow something else may pique your interest, perhaps because you decided to make a 180 degree turn.

Life is all about moments, within a regime-status that suits you.

It is not the material goods, but the people.

It's not the long hours of hard work, but that one hour you'll spend doing what you love.

It's not routine, but the little everyday things that make your day. And if you don't find them, you can learn to create them yourself, just like you learned to do everything else in your life.

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