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Violence does not have many mitigating factors ...

How much more violence can the channels, the news, the mass media, our own life fit? The latest incidents of violence cause sadness, raise concerns about the future of our society and the concern grows perhaps even more when the protagonists are young. Why, really, so much violence around us? Now has our society suddenly become so violent, inhuman and dangerous or does everything that is unfolding before our eyes function as a drain for the externalization of a chronic accumulated aggression? Modern violence is an obvious expression of perhaps an indefinable despair, an agony for survival and a generalized anger. The constant and unstoppable change and overthrow of the fixed points, references and frameworks, disturbed the balance of the individual and the society as a whole. Maybe the use of force is because some people seek to confirm that they are the "strong" and will break down the feeling in this sick way, of their unacknowledged weakness. Could it be the fault of impersonal and "foreign" cities, the fault of the anonymity of the individual in a place that incubates emptiness and insecurity in any kind of condition and relationship? If the stress of survival in an atmosphere of constant competition erodes the peace of mind and self-confidence of the modern individual, then the elimination of the web structure called social consciousness, comes to level the last values ​​that remain .. Hearing the Sociologists refer to the responsibilities of the social environment each time, the Psychologists who blame the unconscious as the source of violent behavior, and even the theologians who point to the cause of the individual's alienation from God, all this could compose the explanation. of violence. There are of course the Ethicists who consider violence to be expected, since the moral values ​​have receded and the theory of the Geneticists is added, who claim that this is the nature of man for centuries. But even if our nature contains something of violence, of the instinct of attack, we can not omit what the study of years has shown us, such as that violence is taught, imitated and conveyed as an image, as an attitude as a culture.

Tolerance of violence is transmitted, watered and grows and it is the responsibility of all of us to limit it, to take it out of our lives. Whatever its form, verbal, physical and psychological, let's not has the same taste, bitter and inhuman.

Acceptance, understanding, caring, conscious, dialogue, respect and love ..are some of the components of the response against violence!

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