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When someone in this relationship resigns, the "spark" is lost ..

Maybe the love affair you have has endured over the years and whether it is marriage or cohabitation, this detail does not change the situation you are experiencing. On the one hand you see that you have spent so many years together, you feel the love, on the other hand you feel that the routine has penetrated for good between you and has brought a distance that while you forget it, the fewer and fewer things you do together, testify to it . Neither of them is likely to become a little heavier over time. This does not necessarily mean that the desire is lost, but it shows that the match, the effort or even the sharing, together with the companionship do not exist to such an extent that they satisfy your needs. It is a bit of a sloppy image, it is a bit of a careless appearance that is often missing from the other or even from you who witnessed perhaps a resignation. There is no appetite and at the same time the proposal for something different, something unusual, something to see new, to eat, to visit or to travel, something that one of them can permanently enter the process of finding and putting on the table. , steadily himself for so many years. This will get tired at some point even if you do not admit it. It is not easy to change the habits of whichever way you are ... that of the comfortable one who constantly follows or the one who will "pull", who will suggest and stir up. The roles seem to be consolidated and if they are not reversed or started to alternate, obviously the situation will never change. Of course, this other person who has resigned may be going through a personal, internal or even professional crisis and may not be able to manage it. But he has to communicate it, to make it known. To discuss and decide together who will "come forward" and for how long it will all be. So re-plan your course as a couple.

The responsibility is 100% of everyone ... to put their best, to shake the water when they stagnate and to ask for their needs so that everyone can grow as an individual and consequently grow their companionship, which is needed always love and care.

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