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Your jealousy usually shows weak parts of you..

Let's talk today about jealousy, an emotion that most people, more or less, have experienced. Some human relationships are structured in such a way that those involved have jealousy as a way of communicating or as a sign of their interest in the other.

It is worth noting the difference between jealousy and envy, because they represent completely different emotions. You may feel jealous of things you already have, they may even be considered acquired, feeling threatened by others. On the contrary, envy is a feeling for things that others have and not you, perhaps even wishing they would lose them.

Jealousy is the emotional reaction that occurs when you feel the threat of losing a meaningful relationship, possibly from a third person, and is usually associated with romantic relationships. Of course it can occur in any form of relationship such as family, friendships and even at work.

Jealousy is difficult to examine and research accurately as it is influenced by external factors such as the environment as well as the inner wounded parts of the self.

Pieces like a person's low self-esteem make them feel vulnerable, "small" even "little" and are always a minus in the equation of comparing them to someone else. The need for external confirmation, for constant attention from the other, for incessant admiration and for a selfish and possessive position in the relationship, are some of the elements that make up jealousy.

Psychotherapy is a good way to identify and face together the various issues that concern you and finding the source of your jealousy. In therapy you will find the space to release the pain you feel, to see the basic issues that concern and torture you and you will find the chain with the many links of your behavior, which controls you and it is time for you to control.

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