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Your symptom is there to heal you.

The truth is that we are not curing the symptom, but the symptom itself is trying to cure our problem. The disease itself appears because by its very nature it struggles to heal the sick and this is because that is the nature of the body's reactivity. What you ignore will continue to hurt you and as long as a trauma limits you in life, in given situations you will relive the aspects of the original trauma, through a similar sensation, even the same phobic situation that repeats itself in front of you. And while you may want to change, you may feel that you can't, it's like you have a resistance to change, because exactly the unknown, the buried trauma is hidden, together with all the things you've learned in the previous years to do, to feel, to think Your beliefs have such an inhibiting power that they essentially lock you away from the path of change. But, really everyone is the best expert to approach their body, their emotions because they alone experience their problem and symptom. You experience it precisely to heal itself, precisely because within it is its whole truth, and only you can become your own healer, in the company of an expert who will show you the way, accompanying you to a point. Everyone hides micro-traumas inside and many times they refuse to accept them, criticizing themselves or others, holding grudges and being full of anger for everything and everyone. But this does not mean that you will be condemned to live a life under the shadow of your injuries, if you really want to get out of it all and live with fewer fears and inhibitions. The ultimate goal is to become aware of them, to approach them, to process them, to accept them and by giving them a different charge, you will free yourself and define you with consciousness and a sense of power.

 You can learn the ways to manage them, acquiring healthier beliefs, adopting new behaviors and achieving a psycho-physical balance that will make you the best version of yourself.

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